This is completely up to you. However, it is most efficient if we may communicate directly with your client. We keep you informed of all communications and CC you on emails with important correspondence.

We do not share your information with anyone and they are very secure. We have strict guidelines and unless you grant us permission to share any information, it will be kept confidential even from the broker.

Yes, we can take over paperwork on a transaction that has already been started.

As a virtual company, we work almost entirely paperless with agents and brokers across the United States. You do not need to be located near our office in order for us to work with you. You would be surprised at how effective we are and how available we make ourselves to everyone involved in the transaction.

Once a file is complete, it is scanned and archived securely. It can be emailed to you or printed and sent to you at your request. We never delete any files unless specifically requested to do so.

Generally, you will be assigned one transaction coordinator for all of your transactions. However, just like the rest of the world, sometimes a member of our team may be ill or on vacation. So, one of our backup transaction coordinators will monitor your file and make sure that you get the service you deserve.