Time Management for Remote Work Strategies

Remote work is a trend that isn’t going to die down. In fact, it’s expected that this “trend” will pretty much turn into a “norm” in the near future as almost more than 50% of the global workforce is involved in some form of remote work. Not to mention the additional fact that since 2005, remote work setups have drastically increased to a whopping 140%. This is according to a study made by GWA in 2021. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that more people and businesses are feeling the benefits of remote work setups and the numbers follow.

Problems in Time-Management

However, remote work has in itself some problems. It has its benefits for sure, but it also has its downsides, both for businesses and remote employees. One specific problem is time management. Time management for remote work is a challenge since the drastic changes from a steady and continuous office work schedule are far different from what remote work schedules offer. Here are some other challenges that add up to time management in remote work. 

  • Remote work pretty much diminishes the borders of work time and personal time.
  • Less micromanagement from higher-ups so you have to manage yourself.
  • Feedback is hard to come by from fellow workers in a remote work setup.
  • Everyone most of the time keeps to themselves when working. 
  • You can easily work during your leisure time and do the opposite. 

Strategies in Time-Management

There are different strategies that one can easily do to manage time, especially during remote work. These strategies can easily help you out in figuring which works best for your needs in a remote work setup. Keeping your time as efficiently used as possible while at the same time maximizing the work and effort that you put into play. 

Keep it Exciting

The last thing you’d want to happen is to always get bored with the daily grind and routine that you do at work. Don’t try to stick to one continuous routine. It gets tiring and it also quickly burns you down. Try to keep things exciting when you work. Explore other different options and make life interesting in general. When there’s an opportunity to work on other projects that are different from yours, grab it and explore. There’s really nothing that could go wrong. 

In a 
study conducted for remote work. One of the things that most remote employees find to be exciting is the benefit of having a flexible schedule. So don’t be afraid to remove a bit of weight off your shoulders because that’s the beauty of remote work. Keep moving and keep things exciting! Enjoy the flexible schedule that is provided as a benefit for remote work. 

Track What You Do

Now, tracking what you do can be hard. Especially when not a lot of people take down notes as to what they do daily in life. Still, it can be very helpful for those that like to visualize their daily routine. Tracking can help you realize what you do for the day and the objectives that you accomplish. You can simply start by splitting up your day into different parts to better control the time you spend. 

Deciding on what to do for the morning, afternoon, and evening can make you a bit more conscious of the time you spend on tasks.
Not only does it drastically improve your chances of figuring out the tasks laid out for you but it also makes you remember what tasks that you have to do for the day. Oftentimes people have the issue of forgetting some important activities of the day such as meetings. With a tracker and a calendar, you can avoid this problem easily. 


Tracking your time isn’t something that’s going to take a lot of effort. Once you’ve established a calendar of schedules then it’s going to start becoming a routine already and the only thing left is a few edits here and there if you have activities that are outside your standard day. Ultimately, it gives you better control of the life that you have. 

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Get Organized

Getting organized is a true factor in managing time for yourself and work. Remind yourself of important events, meetings, presentations, team collaborations, and many more other tasks that might be lined up for your day. It’s great to see how much time you have to spend on these activities so that you can get a better grasp of how you schedule your day. Properly allocating your time on temporary tasks can drastically put you in a better position in managing your time for recurring daily objectives. 

Limit Distractions

Everyone can just agree on the simple fact that there will always be distractions whenever there is work. It’s just how things go. The little boring tree on that side of the road can get very interesting when you are working. However, in a remote work setup, there are plenty of other distractions that can tempt you to stop working such as social media posts, funny videos, hobbies, sleeping, and it can even be family. 


It’s important to put yourself in a position where you can’t easily be tempted by these distractions. Move hobby-related things away from your desk, refrain from getting caught into social media traps, and just don’t even think about lying in bed for even just a second. Maybe have your own office separate from the rest of your home to avoid being distracted by your family. These things can be a great way to limit the distractions in your remote work environment. 

Change Scenery

Time management for remote work isn’t all about the working. It might not be obvious but changing scenery has to be one of the best things to manage time. Staying in a single spot all day actually burns people more than often and it can lead to a slow day at work. It’ll make you feel unexpectedly less productive than before and effectively lead to you adjusting your schedule because you can’t get work done fast enough. 


Not to mention that it is said that if you want to change your habits, first change your environment. Switch it up a little bit and adjust the scenery whether it be adding a single flower pot or even changing rooms. It helps improve overall productivity and leads you to have more flexible time to spare.

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Take Breaks!

Don’t forget to take breaks! It’s always a good idea to get a quick refresh from all that work-related time and spend a little bit of me-time. Head on down to the nearest refrigerator to get some drinks or maybe take a little stroll outside. Some sunshine won’t hurt. Make sure to put in some special time for your breaks, it helps a lot on your mood and ultimately can really shape how your day goes.

Time Management for Remote Work is Worth it

Time management is an easy task when you actually do it. Most people just stop at the simple thought about note-taking and all – but that’s far from how good time-management is done. It offers plenty of benefits to your work ethic and it influences how your day goes by. Time is gold, and so should you spend it wisely by proper time management.

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