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Your hired staff will follow American time zone or whatever their client’s time zone is. Though they are physically located in the Philippines, the time difference will not be a deterrent as the staff are used to working at night time or American time.

Yes! Our staff are pre-screened to test their ability to communicate. They’re primarily from the Philippines, where English is their second language. They also receive training to become familiar with US real estate.

My preferred task management tool is ClickUp ( It makes scheduling tasks and managing your team a breeze. However, you’re free to use whatever methods you’d like in order to assign tasks.

The communication tool I recommend is Skype ( or email. It’s free, it can also be used on your desktop or mobile. If you prefer a different way to communicate with your staff, that is fine as well.

Billing occurs automatically every month (in advance) for the plan you sign up for. Your billing date is every 4 weeks. If you cancel, Two weeks notice is required for cancellation.

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